Andersen & Sons Ranch testimonial featuring a walnut, prune & almond operation

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Andersen & Sons Ranch desired a system that would track their field activities, cost of production, equipment, labor and inputs. They desired a recordkeeping solution to provide traceability and keep them on budget as they moved throughout the season.

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Changing market demands: another look at sustainability

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How do you make farm operations profitable, allowing them to stay in business? Modern farmers are long on data and short on time. With a farm data management systems like Conservis software suite, you can begin to understand how your decisions affect your bottom line, so you can be sure your farm will go on farming.

U.S. pecan farmers can thrive in competitive global market

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Share This Story: Native to North America, pecans are a valuable commodity worldwide due to their interesting texture, health properties, and of course, delicious taste. Though it can take nearly a decade to grow to optimal nut production, the pecan tree can produce nuts for over 100 years. The farming of “America’s native nut” is gaining ground in the United …