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MBS Family Farms

Since 2005, Kyle and Kerri Mehmen have been farming row crops consisting of corn and soybeans on their family’s northern Iowa land. The majority of their soybeans are grown for seed bean production and they also grow sweet corn in MN. Kyle is MBS’s General Manager, while Kerri manages the day to day finances, HR and grain marketing. As their operation gained magnitude in both size and complexity, they started to experience growing pains. Conservis offered a single software system to house all their farms’ data available in real time and remote visibility to all their fields.

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Ritter Agribusiness

Established in 1886, Ritter Agribusiness is deeply rooted in history. They own the same farm ground today that was purchased over 130 years ago. Driving through town leaves no question that the company plays a large role in the community. With offices situated in Marked Tree, AR, the farm management company leases ground to approximately 18 tenants on a crop share basis. They own over 20,000 acres and manage 38,000 acres. Ritter farm managers help Mississippi River Delta farmers, landowners and business owners boost the profitability of their operations.  

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Lone Star Family Farms

Nestled into the Texas panhandle, Lone Star Family Farms was brought to life in 2009 by five dedicated family members. Driven by passion and hard work, the team manages a broad array of crops spread over 55,000 acres. Employing 50 full-time employees, their head count spikes to 80 during peak season. Conservis helps the team achieve daily operational goals with optimal efficiency. Lone Star Family Farms clearly provides a positive work environment for their employees and family. Lone Star's assorted grain production is fully irrigated, which helps their crops grow in particularly dry conditions.

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Sproule Farms

Founded in 1993, Sproule Farms is located in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Founder, Paul Sproule grew up near farm country and became a first-generation farmer simply because he wanted to be one. Earlier, Paul worked for Frito Lay as a potato buyer and now, as a GLOBALG.A.P. certified farmer, he is a supplier to Frito Lay.Community is key to Sproule Farm’s vision, and they partner with organizations that fight poverty. Their team hosts an annual food drive where guests donate canned food in exchange for fresh sweet corn. Sproule is constantly striving to increase yields and improve profit, so they looked to Conservis to proactively manage field data.

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Cornerstone Family Farms

Aaron Lee, General Manager of Cornerstone Family Farms has been farming all his life. Both he and his wife are fifth-generation farmers that grow corn and soybeans in the Washington and Clark counties of Southern Indiana. “We've been very blessed to have a good operation, good family and employees that work with us. We’re thankful for what we have here and what we're able to do,” said Aaron. He takes pride in his responsibility to use environmentally sound practices. Inspired by his five children and their futures, he’s committed to preserving and protecting the land that he farms. For 10 years, Cornerstone Family Farms has been environmentally certified through an annual audit that examines erosion, soil and water quality, and wildlife and conservation practices.

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Bates Next Generation Farms

The year was 1857 when Erastus Bates first landed on American soil and made his way west before settling down in Rockton, Illinois. For 162 years and through seven generations, Bates Next Generation Farms has been growing predominantly corn and soybeans in northern IL. Much as their name suggests, Bates Next Generation Farms is as ingrained into the community as their crops are into the soil. The original homestead burned down many generations past but was rebuilt on the same property. To this day, that house has seen several additions but still stands intact, inhabited by the 5th generation of Bates. Grandma (Judy) and Papa (Roger) make up the 5th generation and while no longer employed on the farm, they remain integral team players that receive an immense amount of credit from their succeeding generations. Thanks to them, Bates is able to carry on the proud family farm legacy that brings so much joy to the family.

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