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As a company that’s proudly rooted in farmer input, we believe the most important aspect of our business is you, the farmer. That’s why a deep dive into what our growers think and feeling is so important. Since day one, the voice of the farmer has driven our priorities and motivated our problem-solving genes. Our goal is to cultivate personal relationships that start with a handshake and continue with ongoing, available support that’s there to help you at each stage of the farm cycle.

Each case study below paints the picture of our farmers’ businesses, challenges and results. We began this journey with open minds, open ears and no agenda other than to share these stories in an authentic and meaningful light. Capturing these remains an integral part of our strategy as we are laser focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our growers. During these eye-opening opportunities to sit down with our customers, we’ve learned just how many of you view us not as a vendor, but as a partner. That sentiment is greatly significant to us, further validating that we are earning trust, one farmer at a time.

MBS Family Farms

Headquarters: Plainfield, IA

Crops Grown: Corn & Soybeans


The Mehmen family of MBS Family Farms learned that as their business grew in size and complexity, scaling with spreadsheets was not the efficient route to go. Read on to see how a single information hub empowered them to see things in real time, understand their business at a glance and effectively communicate to field workers.

Grain Tracking

Scaling with Spreadsheets

Field Visibility

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Ritter Agribusiness

Headquarters: Marked Tree, AR

Crops Grown: Beans, Rice, Cotton, Corn, Milo & Wheat


Ritter Agribusiness gathers and stores crop and input data for nearly 20 landowners spread over 38,000 acres and across several states. The Ritter Agribusiness team was fed up with spreadsheets. Read on to how they discovered a farm management system that would quickly and easily generate shareable reports for their landowners.

3rd Party Reporting

Access to Historical Data

Remote Farm Management

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Lone Star Family Farms

Headquarters: Sunray, TX

Crops Grown: Corn, Blue Corn, Canola, Wheat, Seed Sorghum, Cotton, Triticale, Rye, Barley


Tracking grain from the field to its point of delivery, was more of a problem than Lone Star Family Farms ever dreamt possible. Learn how Conservis immediately found a load of canola worth $20,000 and two loads of wheat, more than paying for itself. Read on to see how the farm overcame challenges with field visibility and communicating to field workers.

Grain Tracking

Field Visibility

Communication to Field Workers

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Sproule Farms

Headquarters: Grand Forks, ND

Crops Grown: Corn, Edible Beans, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Hemp, Potatoes, Soybeans, Sugarbeets


Sproule Farms is a GLOBALG.A.P. grower, meaning the farm is certified for their commitment to advancing Good Agricultural Practices. They supply FritoLay and their required certification brings them more money for their crops. Read more to see why the traceability and recordkeeping within the farm management software is a win for Sproule Farms.


Historical Records

Real-Time Information

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Cornerstone Family Farms

Headquarters: Salem, IN

Crops Grown: Corn & Soybeans


Aaron Lee of Cornerstone Family Farms craved a solution that would empower his team to see what was actually turning a profit. Aaron spent years searching for farm management software that would bring actionable profit-driven insights to light. Read on to see how Conservis’ flexible platform fulfilled his needs.

Defining What Makes Money

Tracking Grain & Input Inventories

One Flexible System

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Bates Next Generation Farms

Headquarters: Rockton, IL

Crops Grown: Corn, Soybeans, Oats, Winter Wheat


This seventh-generation family business uses farm management software to learn their annual cost of production on an accrual basis. The accessible, easy-to-use platform creates time-saving FSA reporting, crop traceability and historical data spanning generations. Read on to learn why the family attributes knowing their cost of production to helping them stay on farm to continue their family legacy.

Defining Cost of Production

Historical Data Spanning Generations

Continuting the Family Legacy on Farm

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BWT Holdings, LLLP

Headquarters: Jackson, MN

Crops Grown: White Corn, Yellow Corn, Soybeans


BWT Holdings, LLLP employs 15 local independent farmers to work their land, producing feed for hundreds of thousands of cattle. The business uses the farm management software to track, record and communicate field activities to their 15 growers. Read on to learn why the billing and inventory recordkeeping within Conservis eased the minds of the managing team.

Communicating Field Work

Tracking Field Progress

Efficient Field Visibility

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