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Simpler Farm Operations & Financial Planning

Better data creates better outcomes. Conservis grows a data-culture for agriculture that reaps improvements across your farm. It opens doorways to loans, streamlines tasks, makes decisions clearer, tracks annual yield, and maximizes profits.
That’s why 9 out of 10 farmers who start on Conservis, stay on Conservis.

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Technology born and raised on the farm

We listened and combined farmers’ needs with our problem-solving genes.

The outcome is a straightforward software platform which:

  • Plans the work
  • Communicates work orders
  • Tracks field activity
  • Manages inventory
  • Analyzes yield
  • Pinpoints your true cost of production

Over the last decade, we’ve continued to work and innovate with growers. That’s why our technology works better for farmers—it’s grounded in solving real problems which were discovered by people like you. We’ve since become an independent leader in farm management software which has succeeded by listening and earning trust, one farmer at a time. If you’re ready to manage an increasingly complex operation with more financial control and less room for operational gaps, consider software with farmer ingenuity built into its DNA.

“We’re onto something big here.”

A fifth-generation farmer said it best: Conservis comes up big for us every day. From field management to communication to tracking to reporting to analysis, now you’re never in the dark on any detail of your operation—even when you’re up before the sun. Close the gap between how hard you work and how much you profit with Conservis.

Customers will tell you: They love the service in Conservis.

Any company can brag about their service and customer support. It’s quite another thing when your customers brag about it. Conservis is a business management platform born, raised, and perfected on the farm. So, of course, we’re farmer dependable when it comes to being there with the support you need.

Solving Problems That Matter


We asked farmers like you, “What are your biggest barriers to efficiency and profitability?” Then we designed solutions to address those needs.

Getting Organized

  • “Farm recordkeeping is time consuming and I don’t have real-time information.”

  • “How can I stay up-to-date on field activities?”

  • “Field and harvest logistics are harder than they need to be.”

  • “Without a handle on grain inventory, I can’t manage harvest logistics.”

Understanding What Works and Where Money Goes

  • “Am I maximizing my return on each acre of every field?”
  • "Should I rent this field again?"
  • “I need past data to help me make better decisions for next year.”

Sharing Information

  • “I need better communication of field activities to my team.”

  • “I don’t have time to gather the information my banker needs.”

  • “I want easy reporting for bankers, regulators, insurers and stakeholders.”

  • “I need a better way to understand productivity and hold people accountable.”

"Even the first year we used it, it was around 40 loads of grain that we had lost in the process that Conservis found [for] us.”

Curtis Neely, Lone Star Family Farms - Sunray, TX

You Can Do This


With Conservis, you can expect one system that will function as the hub of all your farm’s data, helping you manage efficiently season after season. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to one integrated system that puts you in control. 

Conservis does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you love most.


Your entire operation, connected


“It makes life so much simpler because at the push of a button, literally, you can pull information that used to take several hours to pull.”

Aaron Lee, Cornerstone Family Farms - Salem, IN

We’re In It Together


Farmers need partners they can rely on and we know this because many of us grew up immersed in agriculture. We believe in transparency and we're honored to work with farm-focused partners who you're probably already acquainted with.

At Conservis, our farm-smart team strives to make your life easier and your operation more successful. Your goals are our goals, but don't just take our word for it! Our farm management system is backed by our top-rated Customer Success team that consists of the most helpful, friendly, down-to-earth customer support around.

It is true that our business started by listening to growers and today, that remains the heartbeat of our organization. Count on us to do right by you – from day one, through all the years to come.


Dependability, commitment and trust aren’t just words to us. They’re at the heart of the Conservis Truth.


We’ll get you up and running quickly.

Your operation is unique, and so is our partnership. Immediately, our team will develop a personal understanding of your operation and what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll work together – step by step – making it easy for you to get value fast.

When our customers tell us that we provide unparallelled support, we don't take that lightly. Here at Conservis, your words matter and we're here to continue listening, learning and building with you in mind. When you work with us, we're in it together and we're in it for the long haul.

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“The Conservis Customer Success team is amazing! I'm not being put on hold, I'm not getting, ‘Okay, we’ll call you back at a later time,’ and time is of the essence on the farm.”

Sue Bates, Bates Next Generation Farms - Rockton, IL

A True Partner


Independent, Unbiased, Trustworthy

As proud as we are of our midwest roots, we’re equally as proud of our independence. Founded in 2009, Conservis empowers you to meet the increasing, global demand for your products – more easily and profitably than ever before.

Unlike much of our competition, we don’t care who you purchase your seed or chemical from and we’re not incentivized to collect your data. We’re simply here to drive operational efficiency, reduce complexity and ensure no gaps occur in your operation. We believe in connecting your field data to your finances, so Conservis becomes the hub of all your farm's data. Farmers belong in a position of power and this is why we put your data to work for you—and only you.

"Conservis being an independent company means a lot to me because it means I own my data. They're not trying to force any product or chemical [on me], they're simply giving me the tools to make decisions on my own."

Ryan Christensen, BKR Farms - Grace, ID

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