AgOtter Integration

Automatically integrate your as-applied spray data directly from AgOtter into the Conservis platform.


All of your spraying activity in one place.

Save time and improve data accuracy by allowing spray operators to stay focused on the task at hand.

Planning & Budgeting

  • Conservis Work Orders enable efficient management of field operations by receiving accurate as-applied data from AgOtter
  • Valuable AgOtter spray activity data imports easily into Conservis
  • Duplicate data entry in AgOtter and Conservis is eliminated
  • Accurate activity, cost and inventory records are tracked and stored in Conservis

“The Conservis and Ag Otter integration completely eliminates the need for entering sprayer data in the field. Growers using Conservis and Ag Otter simply upload their Ag Otter spray logs into Conservis. Log files are then matched with chemical, equipment and logistical data on Conservis work orders and spray records are automatically created.

- Mike Borman, SVP Product at Conservis