Simplify Spray Management

Automate the beginning-to-end spray process with this unique integration.

Real-time automation improves accuracy while reducing complexity.

The AgOtter integration streamlines the management of spraying activities by saving time and empowering you (or the manager) to take control.

What this means for you

  • Save time by communicating job instructions and collecting spray records without manual entry. Instructions are automatically sent to the AgOtter controller and mobile application, and spray results are automatically collected.

  • Reduce mistakes like over or under spraying that can cause costly yield loss! More automation means less room for human error.

  • Improve efficiency and save time by eliminating the need for operators to set up the spray controller, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

  • The manager gains control by setting up spray jobs. No operator data entry is needed!

  • Regulatory compliance is now completely automated. This gives you your actual (not target) application amounts for tickets, spray diaries, and inventory activities.

  • Automatic inventory control tracks chemical inventory levels digitally.

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