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As technology on the farm becomes more mainstream, more and more companies are offering incomplete solutions. We deliver better, comprehensive insights for row and permanent crop operations by centralizing data and reporting, from planning to financials.

Farmers have told us again and again that the tools we’ve developed have truly made their lives and operations better. That’s what we care about: technology bringing real value for farmers, day in and day out. We're proud that we didn’t get into agriculture because of a trend or a profit opportunity—we just listened to farmers and helped them solve the problems they told us about.

Growers who switched from other farm management systems to Conservis share why:

Core to bringing that real value is providing growers with the data they need to make profitable decisions. Mike Sproule of Sproule Farms in North Dakota has been using Conservis for more than a decade, and he appreciates the empowerment of a robust farm management system. “Conservis was never the company that was trying to tell the farmer what they needed. They were trying to build a platform that would help the farmer make better decisions.”


Conservis integrates agronomic and economic data with tools such as Zone Economics that empower you to understand true costs of production. Henrik Christiansen, Managing Director at MacField Farms, uses Conservis to see the impacts of decisions. “We can now interrogate it [the data] and say, ‘Show us our yield harvest efficiency or cost per hectare on these blocks that we know we had a problem with versus the other ones that we didn't,’ and we had smooth sailing! Then you can actually see the cost-benefit in being on top of things.” Our customizable dashboard gives you real-time access to metrics that matter.

  • Gain field-level view of cost of production and profitability.
  • Compare costs, yields, cost of production, and profitability for crops and seed varieties.
  • See profitability of fields for multiple years, enabling powerful land rent decisions and negotiations.
“We no longer need to go through a paper trail to try to come up with the cost of production, which oftentimes used to be just a guess.”
Kevin Byers, Wyman's Canada - Prince Edward Island, CAN


When you see the big picture of your farm operation in real time - including financial performance - you have access to the metrics that matter for making decisions. Connect those silos of data to better your business.

  • Track your plans vs. actuals.
  • Utilize accurate reporting for ownership splits.
  • Quickly generate reports for bankers, loan applications, and renewals.
  • Access timely, accurate reports for crop insurers, stakeholders, and regulatory compliance auditors.
  • Get an instant view of contracts and your current marketing position.
[Prior to Conservis] I wouldn't know what we delivered by the pound until I got our delivery summaries from vendors in November, so I wouldn't know where our dollars and cents were. Now we can track the load to the pound [and] I know where our income is going to be at the end of harvest. October 15, when my bank wants a harvest summary, it’s super simple.”
Diane Gooding, Gooding Farms - Parma, ID


Bringing on a farm management software system requires change within a farm, there’s no getting around it. Farm Manager at Wyman’s, Kevin Byers, relies on the people of Conservis. “I’ve been totally impressed with the response from Conservis and all of its people. One phone call and it's an immediate answer. We've always been given the ability to share what we wanted to see in the program. So in the future as we work together, we can build a better product for both of us.”

 Our exceptional Customer Success team stands by you at every step in the onboarding process - and beyond.


"We've tried other companies, but the customer support has really been, truly, the kicker with everything. It's been the best customer service that I've ever encountered with any company."

Andrew Wiens, Wiens Farms - Beatrice, NE


We understand that time and energy are two of your most valuable commodities. Conservis provides Services that support your full utilization of the Conservis farm management system (FMS).

  • Reduce on-farm labor headaches. 
  • Eliminate the burden of data entry.
  • Overcome labor scarcity by delegating data management to a Conservis expert.
  • Access corporate operation Services like API integration consulting or solution architecture.

Our experienced team is ready to help get all your information in one place to empower profitable decision-making.


"I've just been impressed with their tech support and their ability to kind of tailor their program to your operation, rather than vice versa."

Scott Wiens, Wiens Farms - Beatrice, NE


Ryan Christensen of BKR Farms sees the difference Conservis makes for streamlining processes in a way that works.  Since we build our solutions in partnership with farmers, we know that simple, flexible software tools are essential, and continued investment in capabilities means the platform grows with you. When our growers speak - we listen - developing modules such as Budgeting in direct response to the needs of clients. We’re proud of our clean, intuitive technology, and pleased that farmers approve.

"Conservis has changed as much as our farms have changed, or maybe even more from the standpoint of what they're able to offer... They're constantly in conversation with us about what we can add to the system to make your operation better."
Aaron Lee, Cornerstone Family Farms - Salem, IN


In 2015, Aaron Lee of Cornerstone Family Farms left Conservis to work with a different farm management system. At the time, Aaron was partnered with another farm using a competitor’s platform. Initially, Aaron had a good experience, but he soon discovered that as plans changed throughout the season, that other platform wasn’t flexible enough to handle Cornerstone’s changing needs. In 2017 he came back to Conservis. “It was much more user friendly, and it allowed us to work within our operation more smoothly and seamlessly.”

John Brueggeman of Brueggeman Crop Services once had similar frustrations. "About three years ago we tried another farm management system and it was a fight from the get-go. With Conservis, everything falls into place. It runs off either your scales or your Climate FieldView™. It's just flawless after that."

Whether it is a Midwest farm utilizing John Deere Operations Center for their corn and soybean operation or a west coast orchard relying on AgOtter, Conservis keeps farmers connected.
“They know the machine that they're using, the equipment, the rates if it's a spray job, and then they can commence that job and finish it. Within that, we're capturing our stock usage, our labor usage, and then obviously capturing and recording when we did it and what we did.”
Henrik Christiansen, MacField Farms - Rockhampton, Queensland, AU


You own your own data. Period. You shouldn’t have to choose between data privacy and smooth machine integration. At Conservis, you can take advantage of reliable machine integration without compromising data privacy or security. The partnership we have with Rabo AgriFinance and TELUS Agriculture does not change this - in fact, it supports the underlying joint goals of bringing expertise and cutting-edge technology to farmers. Together we are helping solve farmers’ data challenges, empowering decision-making, and creating sustainable, profitable opportunities with leading industry contributors.

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"Conservis allows me to control my data, be in charge and make decisions as to what's best for me, and not what's best for another company or salesman."
Ryan Christensen, BKR Farms - Grace, ID


As you know, a farm is in constant motion. Clear and timely communication is critical. Conservis work orders and tickets improve communication, labor management, real-time decisions, and tracking. They empower growers with accurate inventory management, as correlating tickets link to real-time inventory quantities. Our mobile app ensures employees can access instructions and respond to updates, all the way through production and harvest.

"Conservis helps us with communication. Our recommendations go into work orders and that helps us communicate with the sprayers what needs to be done. And to me, that flows into everything. So it flows to the sprayers, but also to inventory."
Marc Nutter, Lone Star Family Farms - Sunray, TX

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