Data Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 2018

This Privacy Policy explains how Conservis Corp. (“we” or “us”) uses, protects, and discloses the information we collect when you use our software services (the “Services”).

Information We Collect

We collect the information that you send to us when using our Services.  The specific information we collect from you will depend on which of our Services you are using. This information could include farm management data, machine data, land data, agronomic data, and weather and climate data.

Ownership of Your Data

At Conservis, we strongly believe that You own Your Data.  “Your Data” means all data or information, electronic or otherwise, that is submitted by you in connection with the use of our Services and is identifiable to you.  You exclusively own all rights, title and interest in and to all of Your Data.  We do maintain a license to include Your Data in our anonymized, aggregated database in which individually identifiable information is masked.  Your ownership does not include any anonymized databases we create.

Access to Information by Business Partners

We may use certain trusted third parties to help us provide our Services and/or to provide additional services to you. Except as we are advised is required by law, we will not provide Your Data to third parties unless you give us authority to so, which authority may be given by you making elections through the Services to disclose Your Data to specified third parties. We expect any third party partners that You have authorized access to Your Data will abide by these policies.

Getting a Copy of Your Data

Upon your request, if you have fully paid all of your subscription fees and all other amounts you owe to us, we will make available to you for download in Microsoft Excel, or in some other reasonable format we select, all of your Your Data that we have in its original or comparable data set.  We will have up to 90 days to make this information available to you, and we will not be obligated to make this information available to you in response to a request we receive more than 30 days after the end of your subscription term.

Deleting Your Data

If we receive a request from you within 30 days after the end of your subscription term for our Services to delete Your Data, we will permanently delete from Your Data any directly identifying information from our files within 90 days of receiving this request, although we will not be obligated to delete this information from any backups that we previously made.

Changes to This Policy

We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time.  When changes occur, we will notify you in some reasonable manner, for example notifying the main contact We have on file related to Your account with a summary of the changes and a link to our policies.  Our privacy policy is available online at and We encourage you to periodically review our privacy policy so that you know how we are protecting, using and disclosing Your Data.

Unauthorized Access to Your Data

Although we use commercially reasonable efforts to protect the security of Your Data, we recognize that it possible that someone may improperly access or disclose Your Data. If we learn that Your Data on our system has been improperly accessed or disclosed, we will contact you as soon as practicable in a reasonable manner, for example notifying the main contact We have on file related to Your Account.

Sale of Our Company

This privacy policy is the policy of Conservis Corp. and, unless changed as provided above, any sale of our company will not affect this policy.