Tight margins call for tighter farm management

Data is the cog that drives successful decisions.

Knowledge is power. Actionable data is the most valuable crop of all.

The Conservis farm management system gives you immediate access to all your data. What you measure, you can manage and the better you understand your operation, the faster you’ll turn a profit. Conservis layers in your operational and financial information, giving you a complete view over your entire operation.

Whether you are in the field planting, waiting at the elevator during harvest, or in the back office reviewing cost and profit analytics, Conservis stays by your side. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone - we’re just a click away with our mobile app for Android and Apple.


PLAN with ease.

Get all your data in one place to plan a more successful year. Accurate data in means greater profit out.

Planning & Budgeting

  • Create operational and financial plans based on accurate, field-level numbers
  • Build whole-farm budgets with complete ownership models that are shareable with your most trusted partners
  • Track actuals to budget and respond to changing conditions

Purchasing & Inventory

  • Consolidated input shopping list and real-time purchase orders
  • Ensure you receive everything you purchase
  • Know what inputs you have on hand

Production Management

  • Convert plans to work
  • Communicate work orders to the field
  • Track field work in real time
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"We are amazed at the quality and consistency of the data we get from Conservis. Our investment in Conservis more than pays for itself year after year."

Bernard Peterson, Peterson Farms (Top Producer Award Winner)

EXECUTE with confidence.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your operation. Boost efficiency, accuracy and accountability in real time.

Production Tracking & Reporting

Harvest Tracking

  • Field-level yields trued up to elevator delivery weights
  • Full traceability from field to final destination
  • Catch missing loads and other issues on the spot

FSA & Crop Insurance Reporting

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"What I love about Conservis is seeing your return on investment. You can have amazing high yields, but unless you know what's going into producing those, then big yields don't matter."

Ryan Christensen, BKR Farms

ANALYZE with precision.

Account for every nickel. Generate time-saving reports for bankers, regulators, insurers, and stakeholders.

Crop & Contract Management

  • Upload electronic delivery receipts
  • View deliveries against contracts
  • Get paid for every load via automated settlement reconciliation
  • Manage crop shares easily and accurately

Insights & Reporting

  • Cost and profitability analysis by farm, field, or down to the square yard
  • Compare budgeted costs vs. actual costs
  • Identify most profitable practices to optimize and control costs
  • Compare performance and efficiency across fields, seeds, protectants, and nutrients

Zone Economics


"It's been the best customer service that I've ever encountered with any company. I can't put it any simpler than that."

Andrew Wiens, Wiens Farms

How Conservis Works

With Conservis, you can expect one system that will function as the hub of all your farm’s data, helping you manage efficiently season after season. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to one integrated system that puts you in control. 

Conservis does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you love most.



Field activities
Inventory status
Crop storage






Work orders
Activity status
Detect problems
Access anywhere



Find insight

Software Packages & Functionality

We’ll meet you where you're at today, providing a clear path forward to where you want to go.


Understand your operation better, year-round.                                
Data Mgmt
Harvest Mgmt
Production Mgmt


Make critical decisions quickly and align with partners.                             
Data Mgmt
Harvest Mgmt
Production Mgmt
Input Mgmt
Financial Mgmt

Business Pro

Get a complete financial picture fast and focus on areas that matter most.        
Data Mgmt
Harvest Mgmt
Production Mgmt
Input Mgmt
Financial Mgmt


Designed for the corporate farm.                                                    

Includes everything in Business Pro plus:

  • Custom management dashboards

  • Corporate reporting

  • Centralized view and access to multiple farm locations

  • ERP integration

Is Conservis right for you? 

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