Tighter margins call for tighter farm management

Data is the cog that drives successful decisions.

No more guesstimates. Less room for error. Our farm management software lets you see your farm, inside and out, in real time, with one system on your favorite device. So you can make smarter, more profitable decisions about the row crops you grow—day in, day out.

PLAN with ease.

Get all your data in one place to plan a more successful year. Accurate data in means greater profit out.

Planning & Budgeting

  • Create operational and financial plans based on accurate, field-level numbers
  • Create whole farm, lender ready budgets with complex ownership models
  • Track actuals to budget and respond to changing conditions

Purchasing & Inventory

  • Consolidated input shopping list and real-time purchase orders
  • Ensure you receive everything you purchase
  • Know what inputs you have on hand

Production Management

  • Convert plans to work
  • Communicate work orders to the field
  • Track field work in real time

“We’ve never had access to this level of information. Now I understand my margins and break-evens field by field.” 

- Jess Daily, Daily Farms

EXECUTE with confidence.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your operation. Boost efficiency, accuracy and accountability in real time.

Production Tracking & Reporting

  • Automate real-time activity records through your Climate Fieldview™ or John Deere Operations Center accounts
  • Keep tabs on progress from the field or office
  • Track cost of production as work gets done

Harvest Tracking & Reporting

  • Field-level yields trued up to elevator delivery weights
  • Full traceability from field to final destination
  • Catch missing loads and other issues on the spot
  • Time-saving crop insurance documentation and claim support

“With Conservis, we don't have to wait until the work is done to know what happened, we can see it all in real time”

- Bernard Peterson, Peterson Farms

ANALYZE with precision.

Account for every nickel. Generate time-saving reports for banking, regulatory, insurance and stakeholders.

Crop & Contract Management

  • Upload electronic delivery receipts
  • View deliveries against contracts
  • Automated settlement reconciliation ensures you get paid for every load
  • Manage crop shares easily and accurately

Analytics & Reporting

  • Cost and profitability analysis by farm, field, or down to the square yard
  • Compare budgeted costs vs. actual costs
  • Identify most profitable practices to optimize and control costs
  • Compare performance and efficiency across fields, seeds, protectants, and nutrients

Zone Economics

  • Evaluate and measure field and activity performance using side-by-side comparisons.
  • See costs and activities as stackable layers that can be selected and unselected to readily view application and yield analysis.
  • Use your own data to truly understand how in-field decisions affect your bottom line.
  • Put an end to the guessing game and finally understand what’s financially most effective. 

“Zone economics showed me that my premium seed didn’t pay off. The yield just didn’t offset the higher cost.”

- Kyle Musselman, Musselman Farms, IN