Tighter margins call for tighter farm management

Data is the cog that drives successful decisions.

No more guesstimates. Less room for error. Our farm management software lets you see your farm, inside and out, in real time, with one system on your favorite device. So you can make smarter, more profitable decisions about the row crops you grow—day in, day out.

Accurate data in, greater profit out

“We’ve never had access to this level of information. Now I understand my margins and break-evens field by field.” - Jess Daily, Daily Farms

  • Create farm and financial plans based on accurate, field-level numbers

  • Quickly reconcile actuals against budget for better planning and decision-making

  • Easily view and manage costs for labor, inputs, equipment, services, and land

  • Forecast cash requirements and improve cash management

  • Optimize the timing and quantity of purchases

  • Have the insight to make confident marketing decisions in uncertain markets

  • Accurate, organized, real-time numbers help you communicate more successfully with bankers, landowners, and stakeholders