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Perform cost-based financial analysis of growing activities, right down to the square yard.

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Evaluate and measure field and activity performance using side-by-side comparisons. Costs and activities function as stackable layers that can be selected and unselected to readily view application and yield analysis, allowing you to see everything that happened on that field in a single view.

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Compare and evaluate the financial efficiency of your field practices

We know that you’re looking to identify practices that will drive greater efficiency on your farm. Now you can analyze activity costs against yield performance, enabling accurate cost per unit of production comparisons across your fields. Zone Economics provides a data lens that helps you understand how in-field decisions affect your bottom line.

The measure of farm operation performance is shifting away from yield alone. In reality, a high-output field may not be the most cost-efficient. As a result, cost-effective production has become the new measure of success. 

Put an end to the guessing game and finally understand what’s financially most effective. 


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View data that answers some of your frequently asked questions.

  • What part of this field is losing money?
  • Which seeding rates are most profitable?
  • Was that last spray application really required?

What Farmers Are Saying

“Zone economics showed me that my premium seed didn’t pay off. The yield just didn’t offset the higher cost.”

- Kyle Musselman, Musselman Farms, IN