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As a farm manager or owner, you're expected to abide by rules to keep your operation safe. Even when operating within compliance however, it can be challenging to ensure all your records are easy to access and kept up-to-date. That's where farming software platforms can be extremely handy. Useful farm management software can track all the details such as wind speed and direction to protect you from costly potential lawsuits.

Inherent Traceability

Solid records are the best defense against spray drift claims

Sue Bates is a sixth-generation grower who raises corn, soybeans, oats, and winter wheat in Rockton, IL. The recordkeeping side of Conservis has been a big win for her because it helps Bates Next Generation Farms prove they are operating within compliance. 

"We had an incident where somebody didn't want us spraying the field. There were concerns about the winds. We're able to go in and tell you the time that we're spraying something, we're able to tell you what [was] sprayed in every field.”
Sue Bates, Financial & HR Manager at Bates Next Generation Farms

Spray records for macadamia nuts

Farm software records every detail of what gets sprayed

Having complete and reliable spray diaries are a win for Henrik, Managing Director of MacField Farms. A producer of macadamia nuts, Henrik admits that the concept of spray diaries once kept him awake at night because their accuracy is necessary to the success of MacField Farms. “Conservis puts my mind at ease because we are collecting (in an electronic format) our spray diaries,” stated Henrik.

Permanent crop operations can be subject to costly spray drift claims. This means it's important to track the details at the time of application so you can prove precisely what took place, when. If you're not one to track this level of detail as you go, consider farm management software with farmer ingenuity built into its DNA.


"It's all there from an audit and food safety point of view.”

Henrik Christiansen, Managing Director at MacField Farms

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