Manage your payday

Manage harvest in real time, from load tracking to yields to payment


Manage harvest efficiently

  • Get people and equipment where you need them with no waiting
  • Know the status of all labor, combines, grain carts and trucks
  • Identify problems in real time for resource accountability

Get paid for every load

  • Monitor current delivery status by truck
  • Eliminate loss due to misassigned loads, missing tickets or theft
  • Track all loads by contract haulers and validate billings
  • Easily create reports that split crops by owners and entities

Confident decisions

  • See contract positions by crop commodity, location and owner
  • Know the quantity, quality and moisture of goods in storage
  • Estimate deliveries against contracts, filled and unfilled
  • Market with confidence with knowledge of current and uncontracted inventories

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“We’ve come out within 1% of our grain cart scales with what we get in town off the assembly sheets.”

- Beau Jacobson, premium ag solutions

"We don't have to wait until the work is done to know what happened. We can see it all in real time."