Taking the chore out of farm data management

 See productivity and profitability go up while complexity and wasted time go down.

For generations, farmers have been bogged down by the chore of managing their operation’s data. Our farm management software makes it simple.

Old methods of data collection were cumbersome and time-consuming, and often riddled with mistakes. Our easy-to-use agriculture software puts all your data in one place—at your fingertips—now. That’s how smart farmers get even smarter.


Make your data work as hard as you do



Have the necessary data, in one place, to plan a more successful year. Including: Farm & Financial Plans; Purchasing; Ownership splits. 


Be sure you and your crew are more efficient while getting a bird's eye view of your operation. Including: Crew & Equipment Utilization; Work Orders; Input Inventory Management; Tracking Harvest through Inventory to Payment; Automated Data Capture.


Analyze your business real-time. Account for every nickel, identify areas to improve and create time saving reports for banking, regulatory, insurance and stakeholders. Including: Settlements; Crop & Contract Management; Cost of Production; Profit Analysis; Plans vs Actuals; Reporting & Analytics.

See what our crop management software can do for you.

Simplify the Business of Farming

Farming is a complicated business, and it isn’t getting easier. Conservis is here to streamline and simplify with powerful farm management software that helps you see your business from the dirt up.

Some agriculture software is clunky and difficult to use. Not Conservis. With just a few taps, our elegant system tracks the activity on your farm, from the real-time work being done to a bird’s eye view of your whole operation. Even better, Conservis helps you interpret and analyze your data, so you can make wise decisions and grow profitably into the future.

Learn how our common-sense farmer software helps you take the guesswork out of your work.


Products that grow with you.

With Conservis, the functionality to manage any size farm is there when you need it. As your operation grows, bring more of your activities online. And our Customer Success team is always there to help you get the most out of your investment, season after season. Click here to talk to us about your farm.


Get the complete picture.

Get a clear view of all activities and assets across farms in multiple locations, states or countries. What’s more, you can efficiently get specific information and data to and from multiple owners and renters on one shared, easy-to-use platform. Pull it all together and run more organized with Conservis. Contact Conservis today to discuss the future of your multi-farm operation.

Banking, Insurance & Compliance

Trust begins with comprehensive data.

Now all your key financials, as well as all day-to-day farm activities, are tracked in real time on your secure platform. So when the time comes to create accurate, professional reports for banking, insurance and compliance, that information is a few simple keystrokes away. That’s a dramatic improvement over the weeks it can take to pull together reports the old-school way.  Call or email Conservis to explore how to gain more control over your bottom line.