Conservis Accelerates Client Adoption of Machine Integration

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Farmers integrate production and harvest data from John Deere Operations Center and/or Climate FieldView™ to automate traceability and activity records within Conservis

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., April 28, 2020 -- Conservis, the global leader in enterprise farm management software, quickens adoption for farmers looking to automate and improve data accuracy. This technology allows farmers to see one unified view of their entire operation. Three years ago, Conservis began testing machine integration and today, the technology has matured into a simple and streamlined procedure. When growers enable data sharing from John Deere Operations Center and/or Climate FieldView™ with Conservis, activity data and as-applied maps are matched to Conservis costs with minimal work needed by the grower.

Benefits to the grower:

  • Generate valuable ROI insights due to robust view of cost of production at a crop, field and zone level.
  • Gain traceability and activity records for compliance and food safety without manual entry.
  • Enable automatic and precise input inventory management.
  • View a single-screen experience featuring real-time data from different types of equipment.

“Conservis has done a really good job of pulling data from different locations and being seamless in that data transfer,” said Andrew Wiens, Input Manager at Wiens Farms.

As planting season gears up, farmers value the ability to capture multiple data sets through one straightforward integration, enabling them to work more efficiently.

“In the spring, it's nice to know with machine integration, how much we're planting,” said Aaron Lee, General Manager of Cornerstone Family Farms. “I can pull up my iPad and see how many units of a seed that I have or how many gallons or ounces of a certain chemical. If we're running low on something, I can go back and order it without the lag time of waiting on chemical to come in.”

About Conservis

Conservis is the leading independent farm management service, providing growers the digital tools and information needed for success. The web and mobile platforms deliver comprehensive planning tools, real-time data capture and insightful analytics to support better decision making and efficient reporting. Conservis was founded in 2009 with and for farmers in the permanent and row crop markets, and is dedicated to advancing the business of agriculture.

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