Spotlight: Shayla – Customer Success


Spotlight: Shayla - Customer Success

Published March 12, 2019

Tell us about you and your passions.

I’m a sponge for learning anything about the ocean, dolphins are my favorite! One day I really hope to visit the coral reef in Australia. My favorite hobbies are yoga and oil painting because I find them relaxing.

Why are you working for an ag software company?

I’m here because I enjoy helping growers make their businesses more efficient. I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment and am passionate about making a family business succeed. I see similarities between my home life and life on the farm, but farming is tough work and requires much more heavy lifting!

Check out Shayla's video walk through of the clipboard app here

Have you had any eureka moments?

One of my favorite moments was sitting in a brand new 2016 combine and it just solidified how complex both the machinery and the operations are. I appreciate how everyone works together on the farm. People are direct, they joke around and have fun. On some farms visits, there are buddies who joke around, they laugh and they include me in that banter. On other operations, I’m with a mother and father, sister and brother right in their home. They are so hospitable that I leave feeling like I’m one of the family.

What’s one of your favorite ways to spend time?

I love to travel. I really enjoy going to Europe which is my favorite destination because I love the food. I always enjoy taking the train and seeing the gorgeous countryside and rolling green hills. Going through the small dairy farms in the netherlands is always exciting and the milk and cheeses are simply delicious. There’s something there for everyone, from art to music and with a quick train ride you can get to another city with a whole different feel.

What is it about your position that spoke to you?

The technology aspect lured me in. I enjoy working with software and being part of the SaaS industry where there’s plenty of opportunity to bring new ideas to the table. What kept me here is my interest in agriculture. Applying SaaS software is a fairly new concept, so being a part of an industry that makes farming more transparent is awesome to be a part of.