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Solving problems with farm management software: seamless communication

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Farm management software helps growers solve many different types of problems. Cloud-based recordkeeping, easily accessed reports, and accurate load tracking are all benefits that can drastically alter the state of your farming operation. While those changes are meaningful, the farm management software benefit we’ll talk about today is about the basics: the work on the ground. Good communication across your …

Our farmers are our partners in product development.

“We’re not working in a vacuum”: behind the scenes of product development

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You might know that conversation with farmers quite literally formed our business. What you might not know is that we’re still very much in conversation with crop growers today. Listening to farmers is the cornerstone of Conservis. We’re a farm management software company, yes, but we’re not coming to you with fancy solutions we’ve dreamed up at headquarters. Instead, we …

Quick and accurate reports generated by farm management software

Solving problems with farm management software: easy reporting

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Recently, we shared how farm management software helps track your loads during harvest, saving you both money and peace of mind. This next farm management software benefit saves you time and energy, resources that are just as valuable. Reporting for your farm operation can be tedious, time-consuming work. Data reports generated by farm management software can be easily created and …

Filling grain loads during a chaotic harvest season

Solving problems with farm management software: load tracking

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We previously talked about one of the biggest benefits of farm management software, improved recordkeeping. Farm management software allows your data to be accurate, accessible remotely and to multiple users, updated and accessed in real time, and easily viewed and analyzed for future decisions. It’s a benefit you can’t overstate. Today, we’re talking about a more specific benefit, one that’s …

Groundbreaking financial field analysis with Zone Economics

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This past May we rolled out our Zone Economics platform for Conservis users. It’s something we’ve been crafting and developing for years, thanks to constant feedback and guidance from growers like you. This growing season was a challenge for many, and it’s not easy to introduce a new product when you have very pressing and real concerns to attend to …

Spotlight: Eric – Customer Success

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Tell us about your history with agriculture and technology. I’ve been with Conservis for 6 years. Prior to Conservis I had very little knowledge about agriculture. I’ve always grown up with math, computer science and nurses in my family so helping people with technology is something that matches my strengths. What do you enjoy a great deal? In the last …

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Are you a grower considering farm management software (FMS)?

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Asking these three questions will help determine if FMS is the right solution for your farm. Maybe you’re wondering if moving to a system that can tie all your information together could help you understand costs and see the big picture. Perhaps you’ve had it up to here with scale tickets, spreadsheets, and notebooks. Some farmers are moving toward smart …

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Solving problems with farm management software: recordkeeping

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One of the biggest areas of frustration we hear about from farmers is recordkeeping. We all know how important it is to keep good records, but there are so many aspects of it to manage: are records up-to-date? Are they accurate? Who needs access to what, and how do they get it? Not to mention the sheer amount of data …

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Changing market demands: another look at sustainability

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This is a two-part article on sustainability. Click here to read Sustainability begins with this simple word (part 1). Economic sustainability is sometimes forgotten in the discussion around this buzzword. Perhaps it’s easier to talk the latest methods or innovations than the numbers and the bottom line. But the bottom line is where it starts. In order to work toward …

Sustainability begins with this simple word

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Sustainability is a buzzword in agriculture and we all know it. It’s one of those words where ten people would give you ten different definitions. ‘Sustain’ means to keep up or keep going, and everyone agrees that sustainability is about the future: what will things look like five, ten, twenty years down the road? The stool metaphor is still a …